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Wulingyuan Library will be open to visitors

Wulingyuan library (cultural center) , human resources and social security bureau and travel vocational school (namely, two hall with one school) were together built in YuJiaZui. In early 2008, the construction begain. At the end of 2010, the main body project was completed. Later, the district culture department was embarking on interior decoration and the service facilities construction.

Wulingyuan library is at fourth floor, with the area of 800 ㎡. There are six functional areas,that is machine room, distribution room, collection room, adult reading room, children’s reading room and the electronic reading room.Cultural center covers an area of 1580 ㎡, including office district, dancing room, comprehensive activity room, training room and mass culture activity area. At present, all the various services facilities have been in place. The first batch of more than 15000 books has been completed retrieval and categorizing task, and the second batch of books is on the way. The library preliminary is scheduled for October 1 to welcome visitors, which will be free open to the society.

Translated by Sophia