Wulingyuan a resident uses iron topaint Landscape

Zhangjiajie sandstone picture is not new. Zhangjiajie with iron picture, have you seen? On February 19th, a resident with a local 500 degrees in civil iron concentration paints “landscape”.

It is understood that the resident named Deng Shihua, 51 years old this year. Since the childhood, with the love of art and culture, and in recent years he has the desire of the initiation of iron painter scenery. In 2016, he came to Anhui to invite Hu Gang first face-to-face to tell creation skills. In more than half a year time, He carefully created the “Tianzi mountain sea of clouds”, “Baofeng lake”, “Column” and other 60 Zhangjiajie scenery paintings. Compared with other type in Zhangjiajie, the more primitive, refined and charming Zhangjiajie pyrography is favored by some tourists.

“Fire needle embroidery”, as the national non-material cultural heritage, has two thousand years of history, which is an extremely precious rare type in China, with high aesthetic value, the collection value and cultural value. He was committed to Zhangjiajie with iron picture. The first reason is to carry forward the national intangible cultural heritage. Secondly, it can promote his hometown beauty. The last, he hopes to make a kind of cultural industry.

He said the scenery of home is out of print. Soldering pen painting is unique to China, which will both organic fuses in together will have a good social benefit, economic benefit.

Translated by Sophia