Eastern Hunan to Open Cultural and Ecotourism Route

The Overall Design Plan on Classic Travel Route to Develop Cultural and Ecotravel in Eastern Hunan (The Plan) was co-issued by the Development and Reform Commission of Hunan Province and the Tourism Development Committee of Hunan Province on Feb. 28, 2017. The move put a high-quality travel construction in eastern Hunan on the agenda. 

The cultural and ecotravel route to be developed in eastern Hunan is the 13th of its kind in Hunan, passing through Zhuzhou’s Liling City, Youxian, Chaling and Yanling counties. 

Under the plan, one east-west sightseeing corridor and four self-drive circular tours will open in Zhuzhou.

The east-west sightseeing corridor in Zhuzhou boasts unique culture and good ecological environment, as it incorporates Yanling County’s Mausoleum of Yan Emperor and Shennong Valley Resort, and Chaling County’s Yunyang Mountain and former site of Chaling soviet government. The 100-km-long corridor is bordered by southwest Hunan’s ecological sightseeing corridor in the west, and Jiangxi’s Jinggangshan Scenic Area in the east. 

The four self-drive circular tours in Zhuzhou include north Liling rural tour, Youzhou tour on lakes and hills, Chaling tour on Hunan cuisine, and Luoxiao cultural tour.


Translator: Xiao Juan