World Environment Day Marked Across Hunan

The 46th World Environment Day fell on June 5, 2017. China’s theme was “Pristine waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. Hunan’s own theme was “Safeguard clear waters and lush mountains, and build a prosperous, beautiful, and happy Hunan”.

The Hunan Environmental Protection Department, the Hunan Citizenship Office, the Xiangjiang New Area Management Committee, and the Hunan Broadcasting System organized environmental protection lectures in Changsha. The lecturers included: “Green Guardian” Mao Jianwei, who has volunteered to protect the Xiangjiang River for 16 years; primary school teacher Xiao Ling an environmental instructor for 13 years; and grass-root environmentalist Liu Bingliang, who has devoted himself to environmental protection for 15 years. More than 500 applauded them.

Themed activities were held across the province.

Zhuzhou organized primary school, middle school, and college students to visit the digital environmental protection laboratory at the Zhuzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, and they watched environmental protection videos and films. Public suggestions and opinions were solicited for building a "Green Zhuzhou”.

Changde’s environmental protection art troupe, the only of its kind in Hunan, staged Changde silk string performances, titled “Changde is an environmentally friendly city”, and “Ode to pristine waters and lush mountains”.

The Fenghuang County environmental protection authority employees performed the song “Protecting the Earth” and released a music video to spread eco-environmental protection knowledge to the public.

Translator: Pang Yuehui