3 Minutes’ Hunan Travel Advertising Video Shoots in Wulingyuan

On May 31st, 3 Minutes’ Hunan travel advertisement video shoots in Baofeng lake. The national Dong singer, CCTV “Sanjie Liu” national championship Wang Xin becomes the main actor. It is understood that the video after post-production will be aired on hunan TV and other important platform, showing the public at home and abroad “Splendid Xiaoxiang, A great hometown – Hunan” natural infinite charming humanities.

3 Minutes′ Hunan travel version is shooted by hunan TV station, which started on May 28th in Changsha. During the period, the crew will successively visit Tianzi mountain, Yuan Gujie, Baofeng lake to shoot essence scenery. At the appointed time, the world’s rare charming Zhangjiajie landform scenery, Zhangjiajie Wang Xin will show in the AD.

According to the chief introduction, before the 3 Minutes′ filmed version, 30 seconds′ Hunan travel AD has set up in CCTV, Hunan TV station, which enhancing the good image of travel in Hunan province.

Translated by Sophia