World Environment Day, “Beauty giant home” was favored

On June 5th, World environment day, Huanglong cave scenic area “Home of the salamander” – National nature reserve, a group of college students has stayed here.

Giant salamander is known as “The water panda” and “Living fossil”, whose ancestors has thrived on earth for 350 million years. For Zhangjiajie, it is representative of local biodiversity species. Giant salamander is an “Indicator” for a good ecological environment, is a beautiful “Name card” of ecological travel.

Huanglong hole national nature reserve, giant salamander observatory has completed in 2008 and opened to visitors free of charge. It aims to strengthen environmental protection consciousness, improve the environmental quality, to build beautiful homes. On April 22, 2008, two nearly 1.5 meters long, over the age of centenarians salamander better observatory in reserve, beautiful longquan became a “Home of the salamander” reputation.

Since the giant salamander has came into Huanglong hole “Beauty giant home”, it not only is deeply loved by the masses of tourists, has also been welcomed by local primary and secondary school students, as schools environmental education outside the classroom, to study natural knowledge, train their consciousness of environmental protection.

Translated by Sophia