Wild Lotus Festival to be Held in Hunan Yueyang

The Wild Lotus Festival, sponsored by Yueyang Tourist Bureau and Government of Juanshan, is to be held at The Wild Lotus World of Junshan on July 8, 2011.

Wild Lotus World has the largest habitat in Asia with an area of 5,000 mu and was named as "The Home to Wild Lotus of China" by China Wildlife Conservation Society in 2009. It boasts of "Three Treasures" of Tuanhu Lake: lotus root, seed and crucian.

The Government of Junshan will hold "2011 China (Yueyang) Wild Lotus Tourism Festival" themed "The Charm of Lotus of Tuanhu Lake" to further enhance cultural influence of Junshan which is termed as "the Island of Supreme Scenery, the Island of Love, the Home to Wild Lotus and Eco-travel Resort".

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal