Red Army Soldiers Presented with Mao Zedong Porcelain Statues

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the CPC and engrave in mind the remarkable contributions of red army soldiers, Liling City's Jinhuang Porcelain presented the porcelain statues of young Mao Zedong to six veteran red army soldiers and two anti-Japanese Aggression cadres on the morning of June 29 at Donghu retired cadres home of Hunan Provincial Military Command. Vice Commissar Wei Yongjing attended the presenting ceremony.

The porcelain statue of young Mao Zedong is created on Mao's effigy standing on the Orange Isle. Masters of Chinese arts and crafts Song Dingguo and Deng Wenke led a group of artists to spend two years making it. During the two years, they overcame numerous technical difficulties with over 20 times of experiments and finally achieved a success.

Translator: Li Ling
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal