Western Hunan Tour for Having A Special New Year in Dehang Miao Village

Have you tired of viewing natural scenery? Do you want to have a different new year with special experience? If you still have no idea what to do and where to go this new year, Miao village of Dehang in Western Hunan must be great choice for you. This year, Miao village of Dehang is waiting for you with not only beautiful scenery but also giving you a chance to experience custom of new year of Miao nationality with zero distance.

New Year of Miao Nationality, As a great time, symbolizes end of last year’s labor and start of new year’s joy. People usually celebrate it from end of winter and start of spring until February. This year, activity of new year of Miao nationality in Dehang will start from 10th, Jan. to 5th Mar. with various programs prepared. Needfire evening, Miao song, Miao Drum will accompany with you for whole night. Traditional snack in Miao village will stimulate your tongue. Apart from this, a lot of entertainment activities like butchering pig, making glutinous cake, making tofu, having long dragon feast, drinking wine of Miao village, dancing drum dance, singing song face to face and so on will be presented. The whole village will indulge in an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

Translated by Patricia