Visitors are intoxicated by Zhangjiajie Rime and Ice

On February 9th, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Tianzishan mountain scenic area, Guangshi village, Yuan Gujie and Yang Gujie travel area, appear rime and ice landscape. the leaves and branches at the top of mountains are packed by a thick layer of ice and snow, like fairy tale world. The scenic area management department in a timely manner clears the snow on the roads, the environmental protection car and other cableway, are in good running condition.

Influenced by low cold air, Wulingyuan drifted down the first snow on February 8th, bringing surprise to the tourists. In spite of the big fog, the rime and ice landscape is various, letting visitors cheer, with their mobile phone and camera to record their beauty.

Meteorological department forecast, Wulingyuan will usher good weather in a long time. On February 11, Huangshi village plum blossom are in full bloom at the appointed time. So nearly period of time to travel Wulingyuan, visitors will enjoy beauty in winter and spring season.

Translated by Sophia