Tianzishan Mountain cableway carrys 1.8 million people one year

On February 6th, According to Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan cableway co., LTD., New quality upgrade tianzi mountain cableway has a safe shipment of 1.8 million people a year. One of the highest accommodations for a day is in January 31 (January 4). And the gold cableway’s functions increase remarkably.

It is understood that last year on February 6th, the formal operation of gold tianzi mountain cableway, for crane load appearance is a global initiative named “Local tyrants gold” packaging. Compared with the original cableway, “Local tyrants gold” ropeway has shipped speed faster, carry more potent, higher characteristic, 2091 meters of cableway one-way fastest for 6 minutes, on the basis of original increased by 33%. Capacity up to 2100 people/hour, it is 2 times of the original. Now cableway uses the international first-class equipment, sets up station configuration below the emergency driver, in the case of net unexpected power outage cableway can still passengers safely from the sky to the ground.

This ropeway runs for one year, which has greatly improved the wulingyuan scenic area air traffic facilities. It improves the travel grade of the masses of tourists.

Translated by Sophia