Various Ways to Promote the Lei Feng Spirit in Hunan

On March 5th ("Learn from Lei Feng" Day), the "Lei Feng line" bus was open to citizens to ride for free, continuing the tradition the No.15 bus of Changsha Hongguang Bus Co., Ltd. has carried out since 2011. Passengers also enjoyed complimentary tea and medicines.

On March 5, low-income households in the Zhuangyuanpo Community were able to receive free rice at the Lei Feng Store in Changsha's Tianxin District. The same day, an activity themed "Promote the Lei Feng Voluntary Spirit, Build a Civilized and Harmonious Community" was held in the Community. The CPPCC Second Group of Culture, Education, Health and Sports Committee has made a five year commitment to help the Zhuangyuanpo Community "Lei Feng Store".

On March 5, the Hunan Daily Press Group Youth League Committee launched an activity called "Learn from Lei Feng, Warm People's Heart", which organized League Members to visit the residents of the Elderly Care Center at the No. 3 Changsha Social Welfare Institution. The picture above shows the League Members celebrating the golden 50thanniversary of 80-year-old Zheng Mingfu and 73-year-old Zhou Shouying.

Translator: He Yao

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal