Two Zhangjiajie Summer Resorts Ranked Among Top Ten in Hunan Tour

The top ten summer resorts in Hunan has come out and Golden Whip Stream and Tianmen Cave are impressively in the column.

Golden Whip Stream is a fairyland where gurgling water and roaming fish exist. when you are lucky to see the water in person, you can enjoy a picture made up of leaf-like fish and pebbles on the bottom. It can help you to get rid of the intense heat of summer immediately when you approach it.

Another one is the Tianmen Mountain where mist and cloud curl up around the hole. You can climb the mountain in the daytime and appreciate the renowned Fox Fairy at night. Imaging that cool breezes kiss your face when you are lost in this fantastic audio-visual feast!

Another eight sites includes Yueyang Tower,Yuelu Mountain and Orange Island, Huaming Lou( Former Residence of Liushaoqi), Langshan Mountain, Dongjiang Lake,Tecrc Shundi ling, Zhijiang Anti-Japanese War surrender memorial site, Changsha Under Water World.

Zhangjiajie National Park:Golden Whip Stream

Tianmen Mountain: the biggest Hanging garden

By Brenda