Round-trip Flight Between Zhuhai and Zhangjiajie Will be Launched

News sourced from China Southern that since July 1st this year a roundtrip flight between Zhuhai and Zhangjiajie will be launched ,which is the first direct flight from Zhangjiajie to Zhuhai.

On every Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday ,the flight will take off at 8:30 from Zhuhai and arrive at 10:10 Zhangjiajie .The return flight from Zhangjiajie starts at 15:25 and reach Zhuhai at 17:05PM.

It states that preferential tickets can be booked during the opening period, which lows to three discount. More details are accessible on China Southern Postal website for travelers. And you can also counsel the service hotline 95539. The specific flight messages subject to the latest published information.

By Aileen