Transformers 4 Will Film in Wulong,Chongqing

Recently, A pleasing news has received hot discussion among transformers fans that is the film crew will take shoot in Wulong,Chongqing province,which is the only one filming location in China.

In order to fully cooperate with the film crew of Transformers 4,Wulong has closed the Tiansheng Sanqiao scenic zone between 27th Oct and 2nd Nov. Wulong, one of the sixes world natural heritage locations,along with Jiuzhai Valley,Zhangjiajie,etc is a famous tourist attraction with 5A reputation and fame.Tiansheng Sanqiao is named after the three natural bridges and two natural sinkholes between the bridges.

Wulong is typical of karst landscapes and minorities cultures.Located in the southwest of China, Wulong is a gorgeous and mysterious place for you.

By Aileen