Traffic Information During Dragon Boat Festival

The toll-free policy of expressways for passenger cars with seven or fewer seats will not be available during the Dragon Boat Festival this year, which means these cars need to pay highway tolls as usual.

From May 14 on, tourists can book train tickets for the day of the Dragon Boat Festival via telephone and Internet. During May 30 and June 2, the Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation will dispatch 351.5 pairs of CRH trains and 13 pairs of regular trains starting from Hunan.

An up to 70 percent discount is available for air tickets from Changsha to Shanghai, Kunming, Qingdao, Ningbo, Nanning and Xiamen. Tickets from Changsha to Shenyang, Harbin, Guangzhou, Sanya, Chongqing, Xi’an and Urumchi during the festival are still available, with a discount of 40 to 50 percent. 

Translator: Tang Li

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal