Hunan Lowers Ticket Price at Scenic Spots on May 19th

May 19 is the National Tourism Day themed with “Happy Travel and Benefiting the People” this year. The China National Tourism Administration called on favorable measures on and around this day. The Hunan Tourism Administration announced its stimulus measures on May 16th.

Visitors may save money according to the province’s 52 discount poliies. For example, discount or no charge at Mao Zedong’s former residence in Shaoshan, Liu Shaoqi’s former residence in Huaihua and Su Yu’s hometown in Huaihua; free entrance for middle school students under 19 years old worldwide at the core scenic spots of Zhangjiajie and the grand canyon of Zhangjiajie before May 30; and discount to special groups including the elderly, students and military officers at scenic areas across Hunan.

Translator: Zhang Shu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal