Dongting Lake Enters into the Best Bird-watching Period

On Dec 19th, Source from Dongting Lake National Natural Protection Zone has learned that Dongting Lake is witnessing the bird migration peak and entering its best time for bird-watching all year around. When the journalist comes to the protection zone, he finds the birding festival is not held in this year, but there are still many birdwatching enthusiasts who drive by themselves to the site. “There are 10,000 to 12,000 migratory birds in DongtingLake now and many rare birds such as cranes and storks have already come here” Remarked by Mr. Yao, The deputy director of Eastern Dongting Lake National Natural Protection Zone,“There are millions of water birds coming here for inhabitation every year and includes over 300 kinds of birds, among which seven are National first protection animals and 37 second class ones”.

As tourists are packed in the site, so which places are the best ones that can watch birds as well as not to disturb them? Mr. Yao remarks, Caisang Lake, Big Western Lake, Small Western Lake and Ding Dyke are the best observation points; besides, citizens who don’t want to go out can walk to South Lake square and Golden Osprey Park for watching where they can observe 30 kinds of birds such as red-billed Leiothrix, red-billed blue magpie, thrush, titmouse and duck.

Warm tips from Eastern Dongting Lake National Natural Protection Zone: keep secret and quiet when watching in case of frightening wild birds; avoid to chase wild birds, letting them forage and rest; don’t expel or induce wild birds by improper ways; keep away from their nests where they are incubating or their babies are in nests.

Source from: Yueyang Government Portal Website

By Crystal