Top Eight Zhangjiajie Must-Sees

Zhangjiajie travel site, blessing with thousands of perilous peaks and hundreds of winding brooks, enjoys a fame of “original drawing of the Chinese landscape painting”. To pay a visit to Zhangjiajie would be one of the most wonderful experiences in one's life, especially to the following 8 gripping travel spots——You don't wanna miss!

Zhangjiajie Must-See No.1

The Golden Whip Stream

Golden Whip Stream——the largest stream landscape of Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie Must-See No.2

Oolong Village

Oolong Village——rugged terrain, once the power base of Xiangxi bandits. The ladder to the top is almost vertical; one can only ascend to its top by scrambling on all fours.

Zhangjiajie Must-See No.3

The Everest Bridge (The No.1 Bridge in China)

The Everest Bridge——where you can appreciate one of the four wonders in Zhangjiajie——the Sea of Fog

Zhangjiajie Must-See No.4

Shentang Chasm

Shentang Chasm——a place lost in fog, is a habitat for unidentified animals, home for legends——miraculous as well as mysterious.

Zhangjiajie Must-See No.5


The Hanging Pastoral in the Air

The Hanging Pastoral in the Air——the natural stage of the life style of Tujia nationality who lives on the top of the mountains, a new land with crisscrossed fields, bright sunshine, gentle breeze, roosters crowing, dogs barking, birds singing and flowers blooming.

Zhangjiajie Must-See No.6

Celestial Peak

Celestial Peak——providing the best panoramic view of Yang Jiajie, Huangshi Village and Shuiraosimen.

Zhangjiajie Must-See No.7


The Dilemma

The Dilemma——truly exciting challenge for you to step across the abyss between the two peaks, which perhaps counts the biggest dilemma you are going to face——to take the step or not, that is a question.

Zhangjiajie Must-See No.8


Yuan Yang Waterfall (Mandarin Duck Waterfall)

Mandarin Duck Waterfall——the one and only spot to view at high mountains and flowing water. Enjoy the tranquility!

Translated By Misu Spark Lee
Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web Portal