Hunan 2011 Travel Revenue Sets a New Record

Hunan Province drew 255 million tourists in 2011, receiving a record travel revenue of 178.2 billion yuan.

According to Director of the Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau Yang Guangrong, Hunan participated in and hosted a series of promotions and festivities last year to introduce a beautiful, joyful and unique Hunan to the world, including China International Travel Mart, China Domestic Travel Mart, Hunan International Tourism Festival, China (Hunan) Red Tourism Cultural Festival, and China's National Tourism Day, reported by Hunan Daily.

The Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau involved itself in six overseas exhibitions and two of the promotion activities for China Cultural Tour 2011. It also sent its first delegation abroad for travel promotion. In addition, various local travel festivals have been successfully carried out across the province.

Translator: Liu Fen
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal