Three Expressways Open to Traffic in Hunan Province

On December 30, Xupu-Huaihua Expressway is opened to traffic. The expressway, 91.78 kilometers long, with an investment of 8.19 billion yuan, is the first expressway of Xupu County.

Xupu-Huaihua Expressway

On December 30, Yanling-Rucheng Expressway is officially opened to traffic. Starting from the connecting line of the Hengyang-Emperor Yan Mausoleum Expressway in Sanhe Town of Yanling County, Yanling-Rucheng Expressway extends from the north to the south, passing Longzhayi Tunnel to Guidong County of Chenzhou City. It reaches the border between Hunan and Guangdong in Rucheng County, where it connects with Guangdong Province's highway, covering a total length of 151 kilometers. The completion of this expressway starts a new era for Guidong County by ending its history of no highways, greatly improves the transportation condition of the old revolutionary counties of Guidong and Rucheng, and further opens up the connection channel between Chenzhou and the outside world.

Yanling-Rucheng Expressway

The Shishou -Huarong Expressway is opened to traffic on December 30. It takes only 15 minutes to drive from Huarong to Shishou. The Yueyang-Changde Expressway connecting with the Shishou-Huarong Expressway in the Dongting Lake area is also opened at the same time. Hunan Province thus has another great channel to go outside.

Shishou-Huarong Expressway

Translator: HaoJingru

Source: enghunan.gov.cn