The 1st free Korean training class is officially opened in fenghuang

On Jan 2nd, Source from Fenghuang People’s Club Bureau has learned that organized by Fenghuang Propaganda Administration, Fenghuang People’s Club Bureau and Fenghuang Tourism Bureau, The first free Korean training class is officially opened where 440 people take part for one month.

Invited the experts from the Foreign Academy of Jiushou University for centralized teaching, The training class is specialized in teaching the pronunciation, basic dialogue of Korean, Hotel daily service sentences in Korean, Korean reception etiquette, Korean culture, etc. By pure pronunciation, humorous, video display, case analysis and situation imitation, These training teachers try to enhance the learners’ contacts skills, pronunciation and make them to master basic words and sentences. According to the people in charge of the office, the free training class will be held for eight terms with 30 days for every term. Besides, from March 1st, Fenghuang will hold English traveling training class to further enhance the travel service quality in Fenghuang and expand its overseas travel markets in an all-round way.

By Crystal