The Zhangjiajie edition JiangNan Style Premieres in Zhangjiajie

On November 4th, the first national travel edition JiangNan Style premieres successfully in zhangjiajie, the international travel resort with beautiful scenery.

The zhangjiajie edition JiangNan Style is created by zhangjiajie local people,with the foundation of the South Korea MV JiangNan Style, which aims at developing zhangjiajie′s reputation in South Korea, and improving the international popularity of zhangjiajie. The zhangjiajie edition JiangNan Style with a length of four points 54 seconds, viewing the main point in the world natural heritage wulingyuan, such as TianZi mountain, YuanGuJie, Ten miles gallery, huanglong hole, Baofeng lake, and other attractions. With lively, relaxed, exaggerated technique fully displays the zhangjiajie absolutely beautiful natural scenery and unique folk customs.

In this MV, we can enjoy the world rare zhangjiajie landform scenery, the mysterious zhangjiajie national culture, also can meet the beautiful beauty.

Translated by Sophia