Lobster Flower Blooming in Zhangjiajie Park Golden Whip Stream

In October, on both fitness travel channel sides of Golden Whip Stream, zhangjiajie national forest park carefully growing lobster flower, which have already produced fine results.

Walking in the two fitness travel channel sides of Golden Whip Stream, we can see visible flower everywhere, the color like purple, yellow, red. They contend with each other, as like a lobster the ocean. In the green field, stalk of lobster flowers just like a piece of black hair line. In the top, petals open, flowers stretch, like a shrimp mouth appearance. The petal of Lobster flowers has five or six mottled stripes, and two pieces of filaments hook its tail, as like shrimp’s tail. Autumn wind gently blows, a vast stretches of piles, colorful lobster flower, like fresh lobster. They ups and downs, alive and kicking, gives a excitement to visitors.

Lobster flower is fostered successfully. It also reaches the original goal “let visitors better appreciate unique lobster flower”of zhangjiajie national forest park

Translated by Sophia