The World’s Top Luxury Sports Car Competition Will be Held in Zhangjiajie

With the organization of the SCC China supercar club, hunan KuPaoHui the second zhangjiajie city car competition will be held in zhangjiajie wulingyuan and Tianmen mountain on March 16th to 18th.The event will contain all parts of the country, porsche, ferrari, lamborghini maserati, bentley and twenty sets of the world’s top luxury sports cars. It will last three days. This is the first chance that zhangjiajie held the world car events.

The largest attraction of this event is holding in the world-famous Tianmen mountain. With ninety-nine bay, it is a holy speed. At the same time, on the dozens of hairpin curve road, the world’s top luxury sports car will joint on dynamic passion. It will let the zhangjiajie citizens witness the incomparable luxury grand ceremony.

Translated by Sophia