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Zhangjiajie Special Travel Goods-Another Great Sight View in Wulingyuan

Recently, special travel goods have been gaining popularity especially from foreign tourists as their prime choice for souvenir. It’s easy to see many tourists form Korea buying these goods. Zhangjiajie specialties like 3D pictures recording Zhangjiajie natural scenery, colorful sand painting showing Zhangjiajie folk customs and manual accessories with mark of characters of Zhangjiajie are in vogue.

Besides, there are some other special products which can only be bought in Zhangjiajie. For instance, a series of “Xian Ni Kou”brand products like Oligosaccharides peptide fruit juice, skin care products made from Hunan salamander, which are researched and developed by Science and Technology Museum of Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander, are also wonderful choices for tourists. In addition, tortoise-grain stone, living tree bonsai, dragon fossil etc. are also getting more and more popular.

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area is not only attracting tourists by natural scenery, but also taking advantage of culture resources. Special travel goods are becoming the second sight view.

By Patricia