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The world elderly health forum venue settled in Zhangjiajie

On April 28, 2012, the press conference for permanent site of World Health Forum of The Old located in Zhangjiajie was jointly held by China Social Welfare Cause Federation ,World  Health Cause Federation of the Old and the government of Zhangjiajie,Hunan Province in Diaoyutai State Guest House’s sixth floor.

Leaders ,such as the vice secretary general of the former the Advisory Committee of the CPC Central Committee—Hao shengqi,the executive president of  China Social Welfare Cause Federation ,China Loving Care Committee—Li xianmei and media units like CCTV, People Daily ,which sum up to 200 attendants.

On the press conference, Mz Li xianmei expressed that to respect, love and care old people is one of Chinese traditional virtue as well as a symbol of the progress of a civilized nation . We must develop this virtue and promote causes related to the old. Also we should give more material assistance and spiritual comfort to old people so as to help them live a happy in their old ages.

The dean of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institution –Ma jun presents Zodiac Fig and other works as gifts on the scene to support cause of the old.

With the development of our society, the whole world is stepping into an aging ego. All fields on the society pay more and more attention to the healthy problem of old people.

Translated by Aileen