“The Song of Zhangjiajie Tour Guide” MV production successfully completed

On November 6th, knowing from the tour guide branch of zhangjiajie travel association, the first national guider song, the MV of ” The Song of Zhangjiajie Tour Guide” was officially released. This song was writed by famous writer, the “five-one project” prize winner CheXing, the first national level composer MengYong, and sang by the 2011 annual champions of “avenue of stars”, zhangjiajie by blindness “lark” Liusai.

“The Song of Zhangjiajie Tour Guide” had three points 36 seconds, from the songwriting to compose, and then to the original singing, with carefully planning! Lyrics not only reflected the zhangjiajie element, and at the same time, fully displayed the youth, diligence and wisdom of tour guide. Liusai was the pride of zhangjiajie. She constantly strived to become stronger, which influenced a lot of person.Zhangjiajie hoped that through her voice to inspire the guide and promote zhangjiajie travel image.

Translated by Sophia