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The Movie 《World of Love》viewfinder shooting in Zhangjiajie

On October 26th, TongCheng international culture media (Beijing) co., LTD invested the movie World of Love ( provisional name) and came to zhangjiajie to get beautiful scenery.

As we have learned, the film told the the 1970 s story, a pair of educated youth worked in the rural or mountainous area of zhangjiajie. And they fell in love with local tujia girl of zhangjiajie. Time flies, their children, in order to circle the parents′dream of returning to zhangjiajie, came to zhangjiajie to touch the love story. In the film, the local conditions and customs, beautiful landscape of zhangjiajie would occupy heavier position. The film producer believed that the investment of film World of Love also could give publicity to zhangjiajie.

The movie was expected to be finished in November this year, next year would release. The group would also go to the zhangjiajie tianmen mountain, wulingyuan, zhangjiajie grand canyon, Xibu street and other tourist attractions.

Translated by Sophia