The Ghost Festival

July 15 inclusive festival customs is more complex, is commonly known as the ghost festival, folk and Taoist hungry ghost festival, is also a buddhist obon, is a way, the monk, festival vulgar third-rate unity.

According to legend, every year from July 1st lunar month, yama ordered big open the gates of hell, let those who suffer imprison all year round in the ghosts of hell spectre, out of the hell, for short-term wandering, enjoy food, human blood so known as the ghost month, July 14th of July is the day of ghosts door open, July 15 is Halloween.

According to the logic of Taoism culture, three basic elements, think of all things to feed the world is heaven, earth, water, will be the first half of the year as cheongwan, in the second half is officer. That day to xuan xuan, day, ground water, all things, water is the foundation of the creatures. Taoism virtual cheongwan, three officer, officer, officer of water cheongwan blessed, to forgive SINS, solution of urban water officer. The officer is the jade emperor in the representative of the world, every year to visit the world of good and evil, upward reporting day. Third officer on the 15th, July 15, October 15 for birthday, respectively called has these three days, in dollars and RMB. Call in the July 15 yuan, on this day, to academy is a record of SINS, he took a thick roster, according to the performance of gods, human, liuxue86.com animal, award of rewards and punishments, exempt from punishment of SINS. "Hungry ghost festival" reward good and punish the bad not only, also encourage the sin of SINS, who have sin in the hungry ghost festival in a year this day through a variety of yili to accommodate yourself and request of forgiveness.

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