2017 World Wingsuit League China Grand Prix

The 2017 World Wingsuit League (WWL) China Grand Prix will take place at Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, between September 8 and 10. Sixteen wingsuit fliers from 11 countries will participate.

There will be a new route this year: taking off from the glass platform on Yuhu Peak; flying across the tourist square to the canyon; steering off along the canyon cliff; and, reaching the finishing line at the sightseeing cableway. After finishing the whole course, they will land with parachutes at the designated site on the winding mountain road.

The vertical distance between the take-off point and landing site is 990 meters; and the linear distance is 1.3 km. The shortest flying time to finish the course is expected to be within 25 seconds (Deployment parachute excluded).

Jeb Corliss, the world's most recognized wingsuit pilot and WWL president, will challenge a target course on Sept. 10. He will take off from a helicopter, and successively hit two targets installed on the mountain top and in the valley. 

Source from ZhangjiajieTOURISM WEBSITE