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The Fourth Hunan Art Festival Spectacularly Inaugurated in Changsha

The opening ceremony of the Fourth Hunan Art Festival was grandly held in Changsha on the evening of September 11.

Themed with” Glory and Prosperity”, the opening ceremony features a repertoire of songs, dances, operas, acrobatic shows and instrumental music performances. The event highlights some prize-winning selections from Huagu Opera “Cousin’s Anecdotes”, Xiang Opera “Female General Li Zhen Back Home”, Qi Opera “Buddha’s Disciple Mulian Rescuing His Mother from Hell” and Beijing Opera “Stories of Operatic Circle in Hunan”. Famous Hunan-born singers Wu Bixia and Lei Jia put on their shows at the gala.

During the 18-day festival, 8 theme activities will be carried out in Changsha, Yueyang and Shaoyang. 24 popular opera performances and 13 interesting mass artistic shows will be staged and more than 5,000 performers and staff are on their way to 100-plus performances across the province.

Translator: Guo Yan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal