The First Snow in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Spot

On December 10th, TianZi mountain, wulingyuan scenic spot is welcoming the first winter snow.

Started from 10th, with the temperature is reduced, sporadic snowflakes is drifting in Tianzi mountain, YangJiaJie, YuanJiaJie, and other high elevation scenic areas. At about 11 o′clock, the snow is increasing, which gave the tourists a good-quality surprise. However, when the snow is falling to the ground, most will melt; A small white snowflake stays in leaves, grass and branch. It seems to be a fantastic scenery.

Compared with the first winter snow of 2011, this year, zhangjiajie′s winter snow comes late, and smaller. Meteorological department forecasted, zhangjiajie will have continuous low temperature, the lowest temperature can reach below 4 ℃, the scenic spot will appear rime and other beautiful white snow scenery.

Translated by Sophia