The First Sky Slope Will be Opened in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

News from scenic zone of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon says that starting from 1st March, The first sky slope between gorges is available to tourists. Tourists are really lucky enough to have such a thrilling and unprecedented experience in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon scenic zone.

This sky slope lofted between two great scenic spots “Glass Bridge” and “Fantasies Behind Pearly Curtain”. It is 4 single-way slope which is as long as 190 meters and as high as 21 meters. What worth of mention is that the slope is pulled by self weight and make two slanted steel slope as track. Slope could quickly moved on by tourists self weight. The whole facility is designed without other engines. It is definitely of low-carbon and environmental friendly and thrilling at the same time.

When the sky slope get on operation, It will not only bring tourist an exciting and enjoyable travel experience but also shorten the tour miles. What’s more, sitting high on sky slope, you could appreciate a lot of first-rated scenic spots like “Swallow Rock” and “Bacon Hole”. At present, The price is RMB30 per person.

It is also revealed that the world’s longest glass bridge and the world’s highest bungee jumping stand are under construction. In near future, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon will surely give a brand new experience. What attract you to Grand Canyon will not only because of natural scenery but also of adventurous and challenging activities which are under construction.

By Patricia