The introduction of the first red bull Wing-Suit Flying World Championship

Wing-Suit flying, also named short-distance sky glide sport, has a history less than 20 years and is very dangerous and difficult to take. As a result, it was considered as the peak of extreme sports and there are just several hundreds wing-suit flying athletes on earth. As to flying in high speed off cliff, high building or other barriers in complex environments, there are rarely people who can manage it.

The First Red Bull Wing-Suit Flying World Championship has three rounds known as the Qualifying, the Preliminary Contest and the Final Contest. Athletes will jump off from the top of Tianmen Mountain which is actually a cliff with the altitude of 1,400 meters. Then over the valley, they will fly in a track like a giant circle and will shoot out their parachutes after reaching the finish line —- Tienmen Mountain cable way. And finally they will land at the winding highways at the bottom of Tianmen Mountain.

J Ray Corliss, as the initiator of WWL and also a contestant, said that “This will be the most impressing flying contest in the world which is like a F1 equation. The contest will be undertaken above the valley, which requires relatively higher flying skills. Around the whole world, less than 20 athletes can make it.”

Translated by Vincent Chou