The First Commercial Maglev Line with Low Speed in Zhangjiajie

On December 17th, zhuzhou electric locomotive co., LTD., southern railway of china, spread the news that they signed the zhangjiajie maglev joint venture agreement with zhangjiajie and traffic construction investment group co., LTD.. This meant that in January,20th, the world first new maglev vehicle with low speed will be used in the international tourist city, zhangjiajie.

According to introduction, this new type of low speed maglev vehicles sounded like a breeze blows, and in the same condition, cost less than the subway and light rail, which can come into residential areas, with no dust emission, 0.5 meters outside electromagnetic radiation that is less than the razor.

As we have learned, in April 2011, China southern railway, China railway group, hunan railway investment group, zhangjiajie city square in changsha signed “zhangjiajie in low speed maglev project cooperation letter of intent”, planning to build first low speed maglev line of business in zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia