Zhangjiajie Xibu Street and GSSTM are Expected to be National 3A Level Scenic Spot

December 18th, hunan scenic quality grade evaluation committee sent experts to review Wulingyuan(GSSTM) Giant Salamander Science and Technology Museum, Xibu street. Two big travel characteristic areas created to national 3A-class tourist scenic spot.

Board of review editors jointly with the city, the area two levels of the competent department of travel controlled with the scenic quality grade division and evaluation standards, strictly reviewed the two travel characteristics, landscape quality, service quality and environmental quality.

Board of review editors agreed: giant salamander biological science and technology museum, in the planning and design, paid attention to the layout of subjects, with the ecological concept, showing technology and the interaction of tourists. Tourism commodity had distinguishing features. The Xibu street, with high landscape design starting point, paid attention to historical and cultural value and tour value reflect, more prominent theme culture. Two big travel area became the beneficial supplement of the zhangjiajie travel, enriching the connotation of travel, and to promote the travel quality.

Translated by Sophia