The Ethnic Culture Show “Misty Rainy Zhangjiajie” Will Replay On April 8th

According to the source from Wulingyuan core scenic area, The large-scale ethnic culture show, Misty rainy Zhangjiajie, is to replay at Hallelujah Music Hall in Huanglong Cave scenic area on April 8. It will offer guests at home and abroad an interesting show and enrich the cultural connotation of their trips.

With beautiful singing and dancing as well as modern scientific tools, The show told an eternal love story happened in the mountains of misty rainy Zhangjiajie in ancient days. It showed audience a dream-like merry village song.The show combined 3D technology with perfect stage arts, Which would conquered all the audience’s sensory cells for they would feel like being personally on scene and also enjoy a charming and incredible sights of Zhangjiajie.Some of the beautiful classic ethnic culture shows like Village in Deep Mountains, Brocade, Bandana Dance debuted on International Country Music Week in two terms in 2011 and 2013, Which received a wide spread praises from domestic and foreign guests.

Besides this show, there is another show named“Zhangjiajie,Charm of Xiangxi”which is performed at night every day in Wulingyuan. It is a large-scale ethnic culture show,too.

Translated by Zumi