The Biggest Kudzu Root Was found in Zhangjiajie

In Zhangjiajie, The king of kudzu root, The biggest one was found. The total weight is as heavy as 200 kilos and is as long as 2.9 meters.

Kudzu in some southern district like Guangdong Province is a kind of usual vegetable and often used to cook soup. It is sweet, cool and tasty. Not only a nutritious dish, it is also a versatile medicine. Its stem, leave, flower, fruit and root could be all used as medicine.

Kudzu is also a favorable local special food in Zhangjiajie. It is popular not only for its good flavor but also for its advantageous effects.Kudzu is good for digest and detoxication. Moreover, it is very effective against disease caused by hyperlipidemia like coronary heart disease, vascular dementia, cerebral infarction and so on. It also plays a positive role in improving autoimmunity of liver and gall cell to prevent the invasion of virus.

By Patricia