Flight from Changsha and Zhangjiajie Dredged

On 28th, Dec, Flight operated by Okay Airway arrived at Zhangjiajie from Changsha with a ride of 48 passengers. After flying for one hour and twenty minutes, this airplane safely arrived at Interntional Lotus Airport of Zhangjiajie, which symbolizing the first successful branched flight of Hunan. It will aslo inject new power for prosperity of econony of Zhangjiajie and strengthen communication and cooperation with outside world.

Zhangjiajie government has given a lot of supports on enlarging airline market and encourged airway companies to open more branched flight which refers to short-distance flight between small city. Flying from Changsha and Zhangjiajie, the single-way ticket price is about RMB360 including airport construction fee and fuel surcharge. Every day, there is one flight. It started from Changsha at 8:30 and arrives at Zhangjiajie at 9:50. Departure in Zhangjiajie at 10:20 and arrival at Changsha at 12:00.

Compared to four hours ride by bus, by air is absolutely faster. What’s more, appreciating beautiful landform of Zhanjiajie in air is also a wonderful experience.

By Patricia