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The 2nd world championship of wing outfit flight back to Tianmenshan in Oct

On Sept.29th, The Qualifying game of the second wing outfit flight world championship has been held in Roger Hunter Mountain Valencia,Switzerland and 14 masters of wing outfit flight from eight countries have given a thrilling sprint game in the air over the Schattenloch gorge.

From Oct.11th to 13th, 8 players from the preliminaries will participate in Red Bull Wing Outfit Flight Championship held in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount, together with other 8 who won the last game. The Red Bull Wing Outfit Flight Championship is the first global wing outfit flight game which stands for the highest level of the competition. In October, 2012, the first session of Red Bull Wing Outfit Flight Championship has been held in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount. 16 first-class players from 10 countries have taken part in and Julian Boulle fromSouth Africahas gained laurels. In November, 2012, The Red Bull Wing Outfit Flight Championship has been listed in the 2102 Best Invention by Time and has been the only event one of the 25 inventions of great significance as well as the only one born in China.

The success of the first session has driven more top players to apply for the second one and the organizer has to hold another qualifying game to control the number to the final.According to the rules this year, candidates have to jump from a cliff with a altitude height of 700 meter and they will perform three big angle turns over the gorge with a speed over 120KM/h. The one who gets through the ropeway as the terminal point faster will win the championship.

By Brenda