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Changsha Visits HK for Enterprise-Establishing with Orders Worth of 5.5 billion

From Sept 21th to Sept 27th,Changsha visits HK to carry out serials of enterprise-establishing recommendation activities, with five projects signed worth of a total value of RMB 5.5 billion.

On the meeting, The forerunner area of Changsha Large River Western makes a special recommendation and signs five projects, including the agreement between Changsha Guide Investment Holding Co.,Ltd and HK-Changsha Chamber of Commerce to build HK Chamber of Commerce building(Changsha), The agreement between Changsha General Chamber of Commerce and HK-Changsha Chamber of Commerce to set up “Xiangjiang Capital Investment Management co.,ltd”, and the cooperative education agreement between KH Nobel International Educational Agency and Changsha Real Estate Chamber of Commerce.

At the same time, through attending lecture, visits and symposium, over 40 private entrepreneurs learn HK’s advanced NBA experience and widen their horizon. The enterprise-establishing group visits HK Trade development office and HK Chinese manufacture association, and plans to bring in HK fashion shopping exhibition and “Street Fair” and other famous fairs intoChangsha.

By Crystal