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The 2nd Wing-outfitted Flight World Championship will be Held in Zhangjiajie

From October 13th to 15th,2013,The 2nd Wing-outfitted Flight World Championship will be held in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount. Top eight competitors of last season will contend with this year’s 8 competitors standing out from preliminaries.

According to the sponsor, competitors will have to fly down from a cliff which has a altitude difference of about 700 meters and continuously make three-time turns in the gorges with a hourly speed of 120 kilometers. They will time it until competitors cross the ropeway line finally. Who uses the shortest time will win.

Wing-outfitted Flight World Championship is the first globally wing-outfitted flight competition. In October, 2012, The first season was also held in Tianmen Mount, Zhangjiajie City.

Translated by Becky