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The 12th Cross-Strait Academic Seminar Guests Visited Zhangjiajie

This afternoon the honorable guests of the 12th Cross-Strait Academic Seminar visited Huang Long Cave, Wulingyuan Resort, Zhangjiajie. Mr. Hao Bin, the vice principal of Beijing University, the routine vice director of the Alumni Association of Beijing University, gave a high praise to the artistic design of “Tianyuan Muge” ecological square. More over, Mr. Zeng Zhengxu, the director of Architecture Art Association of Tainan National University of the Arts, was very interested in the landscape designing of this square and believed that this square is well-structured and fully presents to the public the indigenous folk culture as well as the beautiful view of local countryside.

“The design and collocation of the landscape is pretty natural; the farmhouses, ducks and vegetable garden all look real, which gives me a feeling of touching the nature.” Zeng said, “Besides, the whole square is uniquely featured with the natural cast scenery inside the cave and the picture of farming outside it, from which flows a different kind of beauty!”

Translated by Vincent Chou