Hunan to Preserve Ancient Villages and Dwellings

Hunan will start a special campaign this year to preserve and develop hundreds of ancient villages and thousands of ancient civilian dwellings across the province. The move is expected to benefit tens of thousands of households and better utilize the cultural and travel value of these resources, so as to realize sustainable development.

Currently, Hunan boasts a total of 9,146 ancient dwellings, with an overall floorage of 12.5 million square meters. Mainly located in south and west Hunan, the buildings are an epitome of high cultural relic and aesthetic value.

The above photo shows the landscape of Yangshan Village, one of China's top ten allied ancient villages situated in Guiyang County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. The village, dating back to the Hongzhi period of Ming Dynasty, contains over 60 historic buildings.

Translator: Liu Fen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal