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Taiwan’s Famous Musician YaoQian Investigated Zhangjiajie HuangLong Hole

The river is gurgling up around a small bridge. Taiwan’s famous writer, producer, and music managers YaoQian came to “The world cave wonders”, huanglong hole, and praised the real beauty.

In the ecological square of huanglong hole, YaoQian had a strong interest in the diaojiao building and well-preserved tujia farmhouse. He thought the ecological square had the emersion of zhangjiajie pastoral scenery.

In the cave inside, YaoQian was attracted to the stalagmite. Everywhere,he would be careful of questioning the formation process of scenic spots and took a photo. When come to huanglong hole inside, he suggested that all the stalagmite could be writen to an interesting “story”.

“Zhangjiajie is the place that i wanted to go, before, I also have been to some overseas cave, but there was no such wonderful hole. The landscape of Huanglong hole is so fanstatic, stalagmite story is very strong, i am deeply convinced by uncanny workmanship of nature.” Out of the huanglong hole, YaoQian was reluctant to leave here.

Translated by Sophia