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Huanglong Cave Was Awarded Officially by the ” Famous Trademark of China”

On September 14th, general manager, YeWenZhi from investment limited liability company of huanglong hole, received the ” famous ttrademark of China, huanglong hole” medal from the advancing the brand strategy and well-known trademark conference. It also is the first time for WuLingYuanOu, even zhangjiajie winning the ” famous ttrademark of China “.

In the huanglong hole scenic area, outstanding humanization service is the another window. Every tourist season, huanglong hole receive more than 7000 people. The public commitment is”tourists queue not more than 15 minutes” , which let visitors in the least time go into scenic tour. In order to let visitors to experience the true beauty of karst cave, it is equiped with professional guide on explaining the ecological square and karst cave landscape, thus answering the questions of tourists.

In November 2011, the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office announced that huanglong hole registered trademark as “famous ttrademark of China “.

Translated by Sophia