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Symbolic Scenic Spot of Zhangjiajie Country Music Week Will be Completed

Relying on natural landscapeļ¼Œusing the biggest waterwheel in Zhangjiajie as stage background, the stage is flowed through by a river in the front. The opening stage of international country music week which will be kept as a symbolic scenic spot is under construction now.

The important festival activity international country music week was launched the count-down on its official website. International country music week is held every two years, and it has been kept as an important festival activity in Zhangjiajie. At the same time, the iconic stage which is set up between rice fields and a waterwheel, covering about 1000 square meters has also been kept along with international country music week. The organizer indicated that this birth land of international country music week, which is also a symbolic scenic spot and another newly increased spot of Yellow Dragon Cave will meet visitors on August 25th. On the occasion, much unexpected surprise will appear in this stage.

Translated by Becky