“Special driving period”program explored Huanglong scenic area

On November 11, Anhui TV reality show “Special driving period” crew came to Zhangjiajie, Began a three-day program recording work, and firstly chose “China best abode of fairies and immortals” Huanglong scenic area.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, The driving team arrived in Huanglong scenic area, four full of youthful vitality of the Chinese youth under the guidance of Hunan satellite TV star hosts officially opened Huanglong hole trip. First part of the journey was singing a song to the miao a-mei.

Experience the miao song, guests will then further in-depth experience in Huanglong hole. They must also complete find huanglong hole “Anchored” task. After the Huanglong hole, they need to go to Xibu street, Tianzi mountain and other spots to finish recording work.

It is understood that this program is the latest public drive show in Anhui satellite TV, is also China’s first drive reality show, broadcast every Saturday evenings. In the program, A Chinese star and four Chinese young members will visit six Chinese golden tourist lines, looking for six “Big tour guides” who are acted by the local star, to continue their journey to complete the task.

It is understood that the recorded at Zhangjiajie TV program will be aired on December 3 night. At the appointed time, the audience can follow four Chinese young together with spectacular unique Zhangjiajie landform, understand and experience the local rich ethnic customs.

Translated by Sophia