34 International oil painting master gathered in Zhangjiajie

On November 4th, 2016 China (ZHANGJIAJIE) the third international painting art camp was held in Wulingyuan district Zhangjiajie. A total of 34 well-known artists from France,The United States, Canada, Spain, Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Romania, India, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and other 15 countries and regions, participated in. The next two weeks, they will rely on Zhangjiajie hoodoo landscape, rural travel, folk culture and other material, to create a group of oil paintings to spread Zhangjiajie.

Artists will be in Wulingyuan, Ancient city of phoenix, Jingwu pullman hotel and other places for oil painting and art exchange. Creation after the camp, 17 afternoon works will be open to the public and tourists, artists will live interaction with the audience. Then exhibited works will be published “2016 the third China (ZHANGJIAJIE) international oil painting art works” for the vast number of art lovers.

China (ZHANGJIAJIE) international oil painting art camp is domestic first international painting art sketch creation camp. The creation camp has held three consecutive terms in Zhangjiajie. Each session on the basis of previous will invite some different national artists to participate in, at the same time of great artistic achievements, constantly expanding the influence of Zhangjiajie international cultural image both at home and abroad. As Zhangjiajie biennial international normalized feature of culture and art exchange activities, it has laid a solid foundation for future Zhangjiajie international art base.

“In Zhangjiajie, I can walk out of the studio of occlusion, make more well-known artists become friends. In the painting of countries and culture collision, I study more idea, discuss with each other, exchange thinking in the field of painting, I like it very much, the scenery of Zhangjiajie is the world’s top, Zhangjiajie international oil painting camp is the best camp, the camp is our own creation” the 67-year-old, participate in the three consecutive creation of Canada invited artists GeDan, novak says.

Translated by Sophia